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Alexa on WP, Ads off WP, & a DB in your WP

The WordPress Administration side can be a fun but also frustrating experience. Last month I curated an issue of WP Owls and shared some links I felt are important to know if you’re going to wrangle your wp-admin side. Here are some items that I’ve discovered since then, that would also be great to explore!

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1. SQL Buddy Puts the Database in Your Admin

SQL Buddy launched a few weeks ago from the same folks that make Migrate DB Pro and Advanced Custom Fields. In short, it’s a WordPress plugin to manage your website’s database tables right inside of the WordPress admin. I’m betting we should all keep watching to see how it might integrate with their other products.

Screenshot of Convoworks website.

2. Convoworks Brings Alexa to WordPress

Convoworks is the first of it’s kind that I’ve found to bring the experience of creating cross-platform, voice assistant and chatbot services right inside of the WordPress admin. The framework also has an open source PHP library that could probably extend to other platforms like Laravel. Definitely worth tinkering around with to see what is possible.

Screenshot of Clarity website.

3. Clarity Removes The Clutter

We’ve all been there and had to deal with ads, upsells and analytics banners overrunning the WordPress Administration experience. Now this plugin from Stanislav Khromov makes them all go away! The plugin requires zero configuration. Simply install and activate then the obtrusive ads will magically disappear.

Curated by Daniel Schutzsmith
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