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Design, Build, and Test

In the past few months I’ve been working on several side projects like WP Live Streams Directory and soon to be launched Awesome Cause. One of the things that makes me so excited about using WordPress is the ability to create an entire website or web app with a small team or even on your own. These tools in today’s issue makes all of that possible for me with limited time and resources to bring my ideas to life. I hope they are useful to you as well! ♥️

Screenshot from DesignKit website

1. DesignKit Brings WordPress Blocks to Figma

As a developer, and former designer, I’ve been getting very excited about all the possibilities that Figma brings to the web design process. One area that has been lacking is a true pipeline from Figma to WordPress that feels natural. DesignKit changes all of that. Created by Rafal Tomal, DesignKit includes a wireframe kit, web style guide, and design starter template to help you design smarter and faster in Figma. Now we just need someone to figure out how to export this as a theme.json and that changes the game!

Screenshot of WP-Admin Reference website.

2. WP-Admin Reference Provides Useful UI Code

I’ve been doing a lot more plugin customization of the WordPress Admin experience lately and this gem makes it so much easier to create interfaces using components that already exist. You can quickly reference elements from WordPress's Administration panel without having to dig through endless places to find them. All of its styles and scripts are already available on your plugin's site so that nothing is missed out! Everything worked well, except for the tabs code. Looks like that needs to be refactored to work correctly.

Screenshot of SpeedGuard video.

3. SpeedGuard Tests Site Speed Automagically

Keeping track of page speed, especially after I’ve launched a website, is a real pain in the tuchus, so I was pleasantly surprised to stumble on to this plugin from web developer Sabrina Zeidan. This plugin takes Google PageSpeed Insights far beyond what we can actually do by providing automatic everyday monitoring, daily reports about your site speed health are delivered straight to your inbox, and if site performance gets worse, you have links to the Google PageSpeed Insights reports to take a closer look, all from the WP-Admin!

Note: Sabrina and her family have fled Ukraine in recent weeks. See how you can help. 🇺🇦

Curated by Daniel Schutzsmith
Web Development and Design Manager Specializing in WordPress Enterprise for Government and Nonprofit Organizations.Got a tip? DMs are open!

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