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Take Command of the Command Line

As a developer and a builder, sooner or later you're going to run into the need to use the command line. Some of the newest block themes coming out, like Blockbase that I mentioned last week, require knowing some SCSS and compiling that with NPM/Node which is all handled in the terminal. You don't need to be an expert by any means, but it's good to understand some basic commands.

This week's issue focuses on some of the tools I've been using to make working in the command line environment more exciting and intuitive.

Let me know if these were helpful to you and share your favorite command line tools as well with me on Twitter @schutzsmith. 🤓

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1. Command Line Power User: Ur l33t h@X0r

The first thing I'd suggest checking out is Wes Bos' Command Line Power User course. It's free and incredibly valuable. It's great for newcomers and veterans to understand all the possible tools to setup the perfect environment that works for you.

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2. Fig: Delicious IDE-style Autocomplete

The autocomplete in most IDE's these days are very intelligent and look slick while most autocomplete in the terminal feels clunky and not always what you'd expect. Enter, Fig! It provides a great way to use the same type of autocomplete functionality that you do in VS Code.

I installed this 3 weeks ago and I cannot believe how much faster I am at doing various commands. In the past I'd make an alias in my zshrc but I'm really liking the visual way this works rather than me having to remember a ton of abbreviations I had made.

Screenshot of WP-CLI.

3. WP-CLI: WordPress Admin in your CLI 🔥

I've been using WP-CLI for the past few years and I'm constantly surprised by how many folks don't realize it exists! It's a fantastic, and much faster way, to do almost all the same things you'd want to from /wp-admin administration but in the command line. I often use it for updating/installing a bunch of plugins, exporting users, or even doing a find and replace on the database. There are plenty of tutorials online that can help get you up and running in no time.

Curated by Daniel Schutzsmith
Web Development and Design Manager Specializing in WordPress Enterprise for Government and Nonprofit Organizations. Got a tip? DMs are open!

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